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Jan 6, 2013 5:30pm PST
, mr. monk. just a girl, trying to be a little less lonely. - i don't have a lot of happy memories. watching that show was about it. now it's gone. - well, if that's true, i'm really sorry. can you forgive me? - no. - don't be mad. i know how you hate surprises, so i'm just gonna warn you. i'm gonna be surprising you. - what? when? - in about ten seconds. this is sort of a heads-up, like a surprise alert. - wait. you can't just burst in here and say, "surprise alert." you have to give me a little warning. - oh, okay, sorry. this is the surprise alert warning. this is the surprise alert. now... surprise! i called ambrose, and he told me this was your favorite snack. ten round crackers, a glass of apple juice with one ice cube. - what's going on? - and i rented this, your favorite show. - i don't have a favorite show. - mr. monk, i know how important this show is to you. okay, you can still enjoy it. you can still watch it. all right, all right, you're 12 years old. it's tuesday night. it's 8:00. you've been waiting all week. it's cooper clan time. ♪ make yourself at home with the
Jan 5, 2013 5:30pm PST
here. hey, don't move. don't move. just get-- i said just get back! you all right? all right. hey, hey, hey, you're with me. whoa! aah! hey, hey, hey, hey, man! don't touch me! ok, ok, ok! i'm not touching you. hey, now, just-- just be careful. oh! don't touch me. ok, i'm not touching you. [bones clack] aah! aah ha ha! ok, you ok now? oh, i'm mad now, rog. now i'm mad. ok, you're mad. that son of a gun. he's done this twice. oh, damn! son of a-- i'm gonna suck his eyes out through his nose, rog. twice. just relax. are you ok? yeah, i'm ok. i'll be ok. are you ok? i'm ok. hey, i'm having it! i ran out of biscuits, all right? give me a break. what'd i miss? roger: oh, god. leo, what are you doing here? great car chase. great chase! what are you doing here? how'd you find us, huh? my police scanner. what are you doing with a police anner? what am i--hello? car 54, where are you? i cracked this case for you guys. listen, mesa verde's legit. they got a housing project out in the desert. it's called rancho arroyo. riggs: i know where that is. hey, why don't we go check it out? i'll leave my
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2